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Новости: Занятия в Даосском Центре "Великая Река"
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1    Categories
    For the competition the following weight classes apply
Gentlemen   Ladies
1.      up to 60 kg   1.      up to 55kg
2.      up to 66 kg   2.      up to 62kg
3.      up to 73 kg   4.      up to 70kg
4.      up to 77kg    5.      up to 80kg
5.      up to 81 kg   6.      above 80kg
6.      up to 90 kg   
7.      above 90 kg   

If contestants fail to match his/her weight, they CANNOT be guaranteed participation.
The organiser reserve the right to refuce the entry of a competitor where there is no opponent of suitable weight.
This will be decided by the competition organisation. The outcome cannot be disputed.
2    Clothing
All participants must be barefooted and wear suitable sportswear like: a t-shirt, sweatshirt, training- or jogging pants, and we advise a crotch protector. Watches, jewellery or possible dangerous objects may not be worn during the match. Furthermore nails must be short and long hair must be worn back.
3     Pool system
During the competition a pool system will be used for each weight class. The number of participants per pool will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5. On completion of the pool matches, the first and maybe second place winners of the pools will go to the finals, depending of how many pools there are.
A won match will be awarded three points, a draw - one point. When two people get an equal amount of points in a pool, the winner of the match between those two people, within the pool, will receive the advantage.
In the event of a draw the person with the highest overall score will receive the advantage.
4    Location of the competition
The match will take place on a field marked by a circle of 60 centimetre in diameter. The competitors will put their front foot in the circle.
5     The match
In each match there shall be two participants led by a referee and an assistant referee. The duration of each pool match is 2 times 1 minute of unbroken playing time, where necessary the referee may instruct the timekeeper to stop the clock by signalling time out. Unbroken playing time means that unless the referee stops play, there will be no stoppages.
The duration of the finals is 2 x 2 minutes of unbroken playing time.
The timekeeper will announce half time and when the total playing time has expired.
The starting position
Both competitors will stand opposite one another with the left foot forward ( first minute ) in the circle and the left arm in the peng position at breast height and the right hand on the opponents left elbow. Once the referee has confirmed the correct posture of the competitors the match will start.
If either of the participants loses their balance the referee will stop the match and award points. He will restart the match and the participants will retake their starting positions.
The timekeeper will indicate the end of the match, after which the referee will separate the participants, and stand between them, awaiting the final score. As soon as the winner is announced the referee will raise the hand of the winner, after which the participants will leave the field
6.         The score
•         One point will be awarded when a participant steps on the line with the foot in the circle.
•         Two points will be awarded when a participant steps outside the circle with the foot in the circle.
•         Four points will be awarded if any part of the body other than the feet touches the ground.
The participants may move the rear leg as much as they like. They can turn on the foot in the circle as long as it touches the floor in the circle.
If both participants lose their balance, then no points will be awarded. However if one participant loses balance and purposely pulls his opponent by the clothes or body, the opponent will be awarded two points.
The scorer will process the points as indicated by the referee. Within the pool an equal score is possible. In the finals in the event of an equal score the match will be extended by half a minute. If this extension is does not result in a winner then match continues until a point is scored. The first to score the point will be named the winner.
If a participant gives up he will automatically be disqualified. If a participant is hurt in such a way, that in the opinion of the referee he/she cannot continue, his/ her opponent will be named winner, provided the rules have been observed, If this is not the case the injured opponent will be named the winner. The referee has the final decision.
7    Offences and disqualification
If a participant breaks a rule, the referee has the right to stop the match and award two points to the opponent. In case of a serious offence the referee may disqualify the participant.
Offences are:
Attacking the crotch, hitting the head, neck, throat or attacking with the elbow, knee or stretched fingers. Locks, punching, kicking, throwing, biting, spitting or pulling the hair or clothing of the opponent. Attacking or sweeping the feet/legs. Attacking after the referee has stopped the match. Dissent with or without rough language.
It is not permitted to precede a push with a blow or thump.
It is not permitted to attack the joints.
Ladies are not permitted to purposely press on the breasts

Permitted Techniques:
        Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou ( forearm only not point of elbow ) & Kao
As regards “grabbing” where no obvious technique is being applied, the referee has the power to restart the match.

8    General
If competitors wish to appeal a decision they must do so immediately after the contest and pay a forfeit of DKK 200 to the appeals committee, which will be repaid if the appeal is found to have merit, if this is not the case the DKK 200 will go to the PTCC DK.
Any decisions made by the committee are final
Neither the tournament organizer nor the Danish Tai Chi and Qigong Federation (DTQF) are liable for material or immaterial damages during or resulting from the tournament

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