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Автор Тема: Scandinavian Open  (Прочитано 3772 раз)
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« : Августа 17, 2003, 07:33:46 pm »

The 1st Scandinavian Open

Taijiquan & Internal Arts Championships


The competition is open to all styles and countries.  


The competition takes place Saturday October 11th. & Sunday 12th

Location: Idraettens Hus Hal no.1  W. Soerensens Plads 5, 7100  Vejle,  Denmark.


Vejle is about 25 km east of Billund Airport and 2½ hours drive from Copenhagen.


It will be possible to compete in Tai Chi- and Internal Hand- and Weapon forms, Fixed, Restricted and Moving Step Pushing Hands.


We ask every TCFE member country to recommend qualified referees (Pushing Hands) and judges (forms). To get any expenses paid, officials need to register no later than September 15th 2003.


To participate everybody has to send the entry form, with a passport photo, and the full entry fees to the organiser no later than September 15th. 2003.


*If we receive your entryform before September 1st 2003, the entryfee is lower*


Send the entryfee to: PTCC DK Vejle

Bank: Jelling Sparekasse           account     9551    0000366897

IBAN:       DK4495510000366897              


*Note that entry forms received after September 15th 2003 will not be accepted*

We will send out a confirmation, to confirm that we have received your registration. If you haven’t received the confirmation October 1st 2003, you must contact us immediately.



Entryforms & Rules for Pushing Hands, forms and more information: www.taichiskole.dk

Or contact the organiser:


Practical Tai Chi Chuan Denmark

President  Torben Rif

Vestergade 12 c 1.th., 7300 Jelling Denmark

Phone/fax: (+45) 75 87 32 92 or mobil: 20 66 71 88  

E-mail: Championships@taichiskole.dk

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